Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Frequently Asled Questions (updated September, 2009)

What are you offering, exactly?
I'm offering the chance to experience erotic sensations and to live out sexual fantasies through hypnosis. Additionally, being hypnotized is as relaxing as any massage (if not more so). I can also help you quit smoking, stick to a workout and diet regimen and get over psychological traumas using hypnosis.

Do you do massage too?
No, I only do hypnosis. I advertise on massage sites because there are no forums for people looking for erotic hypnotists at the moment.

What kind of erotic sensations can I experience?
Anything you're able to imagine. I've gotten guys to feel multiple orgasms, feel as though they're being fucked or sucked, and much more. I can also increase the intensity of regular erotic sensations (more sensitive nipples, increased horniness, more powerful orgasms, etc.).

What kind of sexual fantasies can I live out?
Again, anything you're able to imagine. I've had guys believe they're robots, strippers, dumb jocks, superheroes and more. For some guys, the ultimate fantasy is to be controlled using hypnosis, and I'm more than happy to oblige.

Will we be having sex?
No. That's not what it's about. The erotic hypnosis I'm offering is about you getting to explore new erotic realms. If you want to pay someone for sex, there are plenty of guys who'd be happy to oblige.

Do I get naked?
That's up to you and something we will discuss before we begin. In any case, you won't be naked at the beginning.

Will I remember what happened?
Yes. Everyone experiences hypnosis differently, but most people tend to have fuzzy memories of their time under. However, I do all the fun stuff while you're awake using post-hypnotic suggestions (also known as "triggers"). These are suggestions that are given while you're under but take effect only when you wake up, usually as a result of an action on my part. An example of that would be you feeling an orgasm every time I say a particular word.

Do triggers last forever and can they be inadvertently triggered?
Triggers don't last long, typically only a day or two without being used or reinforced. In any case, I make sure to link all the triggers to me, so no one can inadvertently activate them, and will deactivate more general triggers at the end of the session.

What kind of experience do you have?
I'm a trained hypnotist with over 8 years of experience in erotic and therapeutic hypnosis.

What is hypnosis?
We all have two parts to our minds: the conscious mind and the subconscious mind. The conscious mind is the analytical and logical part of the mind. It's responsible for things like critical thinking and has that inner monologue we have going. The subconscious is responsible for everything else: our emotions, our creative side and our instincts. It also controls all our autonomous functions (breathing, heart beat, etc.).

The subconscious has a quirk: it's what we call “suggestible”. That means it readily accepts suggestions from people it trusts. It also means that it can't tell the difference between getting input from the senses and getting verbal input. So when your subconscious is given a suggestion to feel a particular sensation, you will actually feel the sensation. Suggestions can be much more complex than simple sensations, of course. In normal day-to-day life, however, the conscious mind won't let suggestions get to the subconscious due to the afore-mentioned critical thinking part.

Hypnosis is a natural state of the mind in which the conscious mind retreats into the background and the subconscious takes over. This opens you up to accepting suggestions and experiencing anything your subconscious is able to imagine.

Is it dangerous?
No! Hypnosis is totally safe. You cannot be made to do anything you totally don't want to do or anything you perceive as dangerous.

What does it feel like to be hypnotized?
Being hypnotized is always very relaxing. A light hypnotic trance doesn't feel like anything in particular. In fact, we all go into that state several times a day (daydreaming and zoning out are good examples), so we're used to it. A deeper trance can feel like falling asleep or that moment in between sleep and waking up. Everyone experiences hypnosis differently, but it's always a very pleasant sensation.

Can everyone be hypnotized?
Nearly everyone can be hypnotized if they allow themselves to be. The notable exceptions are the mentally disabled and those with severe ADHD. However, not everyone can be hypnotized at any given moment. You can't be hypnotized if you're under the influence of alcohol or most recreational drugs. Some medication (mainly anti-depressants and the like) can also prevent you from going under deeply. Barring those issues, most people go under deeply on the first session. A small percentage of people require two or three sessions to get to that state.

What if I can't be hypnotized?
If you're unable to experience anything during the session, you get half your money back.

Can you help me with some issues I have?
Most of our psychological issues (and a surprising number of seemingly-physical issues) are deeply rooted in the subconscious. Since hypnosis allows almost unfettered access to the subconscious, it's an ideal tool for dealing with many issues. Habits are also rooted in the subconscious, and they can be broken or created with hypnosis.

Some things that can be accomplished with hypnosis:
- Help with quitting smoking
- Help with eating right and exercising
- Deal with childhood traumas
- Overcome inhibitions and sexual hangups
- Increase confidence and self-esteem
- Increase focus and motivation (especially for sports)

The important thing to note is that to make any permanent change will require regular sessions for 3-4 weeks. You also need to really want to change, not just feel you need to.

How long does a session take?
A first session usually takes about 2 hours. Subsequent sessions are often shorter, since the more you do hypnosis, the less time it takes for you to go under.

Is there anything I can do to prepare
There's not much you need to do to prepare. Just make sure not to drink any alcohol on the day of the session, and don't have too much caffeine in the hours before (being "wired" will not help you relax). It's a good idea to wear comfortable (and not too tight) clothes for the session.

Where do you do the sessions?
I can host at an all-male spa, conveniently located in the Flatiron District. I rent a room there by the hour, so there will be an additional charge of $50 for the session. Alternatively, we can meet at your place (or somewhere else, such as a hotel room). I can travel anywhere on the NYC subway system. Traveling farther out is possible, but then we'll have to discuss additional compensation for travel expenses and my time.

How much do you charge?
$250 for the first session (2 hours) and $150 per hour for subsequent sessions. If you're unable to experience anything, I will refund half your money. As mentioned above, if we meet at the spa, there will be an additional charge for the room.

When are you usually available?
I'm available most evenings during the week, usually after 7pm. I'm also often free Sunday afternoon and evening. With some advance notice, I can also be available during the day mid-week and occasionally late nights (after 11pm).

How far in advance do I need to book a session?
Booking a session at least a day in advance is best, especially if we'll be using a room at the spa. However, if we meet at your place and it's conveniently located, a two hour notice can sometimes work.

How do I contact you?
The best way to get a hold of me, whether to ask questions or book a session, is by e-mailing me at You can also call me at 718-687-3347 (and leave a message if I'm unable to take the call).

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